Two is better than one, eight is better than two

Board of directors. Trusted advisors. Peer groups. Masterminds groups. Roundtables. No matter what you call them, all businesses (and all people) do better with a group of people with whom they can share ideas, solve problems, brainstorm, and confide. Whenever a group of people can combine their shared experiences, expertise, and knowledge in an effort to move a cause forward, the results of those combined efforts will be better than the efforts of those individuals. There is nothing more rewarding than having your issues resolved, and resolving the issues of others, among a group of people you trust. During quarantine, I’ve seen a huge increase in the popularity of my SuccessLAB group coaching, as business owners and professionals recognize the huge value in accountability, metrics, connection, and commitment that these groups provide.

Accountability Matters

Group coaching works because every member is expected to put in the work needed to get better. All the ideas discussed and solutions found mean nothing if they are not implemented. SuccessLAB members are action-oriented, and show up prepared– and excited– to share their results. No one wants to be the one who didn’t do their homework in between sessions. Knowing that they will be reporting on their progress keeps members accountable to themselves and each other, and provides that extra push to get things done. Members celebrate each others’ success and hold one another accountable to the work needed to achieve that success.

Numbers matter

What gets measured, gets done. SuccessLAB members spend time determining the metrics that matter in their businesses and careers– in some cases for the first time in their careers. Each member establishes the actions and activities that need to happen to move the business forward, commit to benchmarks that can be used to measure those activities and report on those benchmarks at each meeting. This is not about measuring outcomes; SucessLAB members instead track the numbers that lead to outcomes. Members hold each other accountable to the metrics that matter and work together to find solutions when those metrics are not being reached, and success follows.

Connection matters

Any strong group is based on relationship, trust, intimacy, and confidentiality. What is said in the meeting, stays in the meeting. Members are open to giving– and receiving– criticism and advice. In fact, they relish it; being called out on where they need to change and how they can get better is why they signed up. The honesty and openness of the group lead to a vulnerability in sharing issues outside of the workplace, as we all know that the problems do not end when we close the office door at the end of the day. Connection in a small group– no fewer than five, no more than eight– allows for a cross-section of ideas where everyone can be heard. This leads to intimacy, and intimacy leads to a willingness to engage and be creative in an effort to solve one another’s problems.

Commitment matters

Members are expected to show up. To engage and participate in discussions. To offer ideas and solutions to members’ issues, and to willingly share their own obstacles. Attendance matters, as familiarity and time build relationships and lead to the openness and vulnerability that create breakthroughs. Ultimately, members commit to doing the work, doing what they say they will do, holding themselves and their fellow members accountable, and moving as a group toward success.

Very few businesses and professionals can have a board of directors, but we all can have our own personal group of advisors and advocates; the magic happens when that group is identified, named, and committed to meeting on a regular basis. SuccessLAB does just that. If you are interested in joining or forming a group, let’s talk about your goals and get to work finding or building a group of your industry peers, and get you and them moving toward your version of success. Together, we’ll all RISE!


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