The Business Book Club

Book clubs are a great idea, in theory. They bring people together and help establish new relationships and strengthen old ones. They expand horizons and open people up to new ideas through literature. But sometimes. . . . they are simply an excuse to get together and have a glass of wine (which I also love, for the record). Let’s eliminate that last element, build on the first two, and take the book club to the next level. Let’s start a Business Book Club, with the goal of not just reading and discussing great books, but then taking that discussion and applying it to our businesses and careers. Let’s use what Simon Sinek, Patrick Lencioni, Brene Brown, Daniel Pink, and other great authors have to say to get better— to build better businesses, careers, and lives.

During quarantine, I’ve seen an increase in the popularity of my SuccessLAB group coaching, and I am facilitating a number of new groups. The need to adapt and pivot during COVID, combined with the desire for some type of contact and interaction, has sparked the interest. The Business Book Club takes the group coaching model of solving problems, holding one another accountable, and driving to action, and adds in a "curriculum" in the form of the book we are discussing. We’ll meet regularly, every other week, on the same day, time, and place (virtually or in-person, depending on the group’s comfort level).

We’ll spend two-three sessions on each book. We’ll read books on leadership (Leaders Eat Last, Daring Greatly, Boundaries for Leaders), process (The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The One Thing, Eat that Frog!), and sales (Never Split the Difference, The Challenger Sale). The group will choose the books— these are all on my list of books I need to read or have read and love. We may focus on an aspect of a business, look at a specific topic or idea through many authors' eyes, or focus on a specific author and series. Wherever we go is good, as long as we commit to the journey as a group. Our discussion will be led and informed by pre-written questions that I will send out in advance. We will read the book and use the questions to think about the concepts offered up through the lens of our own businesses, ultimately driving to how we can those concepts in our businesses, careers, and lives. Everyone shares, everyone has input.

Ultimately, this is a coaching group. We will use the writings of some of the great business authors to get better and build better companies and careers. We will drive to the specific action that we can take as a result of our discussions, and we will hold one another accountable for those actions. We will discuss the actions we took and the results we saw at the beginning of each session. Then we will rinse and repeat.

I would love to know your thoughts. If you are interested, let me know. If you have ideas on books and authors please share them, or comment below. If you know of others who would be interested or you would want to be involved, invite them. Let’s get reading, and get to work. Let’s put the book (and business) back in the book club.


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