Tell Your Story

We are in the middle of a sermon series at my church about storytelling. To kick off the series a few weeks ago, our minister made the point that we all have a story to tell. We are all unique and relevant, with something significant to contribute to our society and our world. Each of us has a story worth telling and a story worth hearing by others.

Our stories extend to our work, our careers, our businesses. There is a Why behind What we do, and that Why can make a significant impact on our clients. I often encourage clients to ask for the help and support of those around them, because the people around them want to help. People like to feel needed, they like making a positive contribution. The same goes for telling them your story. People want to work with other people who share their passions and who have similar dreams as they do, so it is important to share the story of how you got into your business and why you do what you do. There may not be a significant difference between you and your competitors, between your product and theirs, but your story can set you—and your company— apart from those around you. Storytelling is powerful because it drives home an idea; it adds an emotional appeal to a logical decision. As Simon Sinek says in his Start with Why Ted Talk, “People don’t buy What you do, they buy Why you do it.”

FocalPoint is a coaching and training franchise group. I am one of over 200 coaches worldwide. The materials and content are second to none. My fellow coaches are all excellent, high-caliber people. The support I receive is outstanding. But more than anything, what brought me into FocalPoint were the stories I heard from other coaches. FocalPoint’s Mission is to be a “pebble on the pond.” We coach business owners to build better businesses, which build better people, better communities, better cities, better states and countries, and ultimately a better world. We create a ripple effect, much like a pebble does in a pond. That story resonated with me two years ago as I was in search of something I could do that could have an impact on the world around me, not just my own world, and it was ultimately what made me choose to become a coach.

So tell your story. Let your clients, customers, teammates and employees know Why you do what you do. Share your passion and excitement for your business, and the history of how you got where you are. Your story makes you unique. It personalizes your company, product, and service. We build relationships and make personal connections through storytelling; let your story make that connection in your business as well.


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