Packaging is Key

Back in February, I attended the annual FocalPoint Conference. It was four days of passion, inspiration and ideas, all led by my fellow coaches from around the world. Nick Mariniello, a FocalPoint Coach out of New Jersey, outlined the vision for our organization’s growth plan in five key phrases:

  1. Think like a Big Company, act like a Small Business
  2. Expand the brand
  3. Packaging is key
  4. Many hands make light work
  5. Anything is possible, everything is not

This blog series looks at each phrase, and how they can positively impact your career and business….

Packaging is Key. Packaging is how you present yourself, and your company, to the world. The image you want to portray for your company should permeate all your marketing and media, but it goes far beyond a simple branding message. Packaging means being able to clearly articulate Why your company does what it does, How you do it, and, finally, What it is you actually do. Simon Sinek’s well-known TED Talk (and book) Start with Why brilliantly sums up this idea, and demonstrates how the great companies, innovators and people of this world stood out from the rest by starting with Why. If done properly, your packaging (and the statements and ideas that drive it) has an almost missional quality about it. It goes well beyond catch-phrases and slogans, features and benefits, and drives to the core beliefs and competencies of your company.

What sets you, and your company, apart from the competition? What makes you different, and can you articulate it? Can you and your employees quickly and clearly communicate why your company is unique, how it will benefit your customers and what you do to provide those benefits? Going back to Sinek’s concept, I like to think of it in terms of a 15-second, 30-second and 60-second “elevator pitch.” The first 15 seconds explains Why you do what you do— the Mission and Vision of the company. The next 15 builds off that and explains How you do it. Finally, the last 30 goes into What you do— the products and services you offer that deliver your Why and How.

Your packaging and messaging need to clearly articulate the benefit you and your company are delivering to the world, and that messaging needs to be consistent across all platforms and from all your employees. It stems from your company’s Vision, Mission and Values. If those are not clear, start there. Determine the ultimate purpose for why you do what you do, and build on that purpose to create everything else. Your purpose will serve to guide the direction you take and the decisions you make; once you know that, the packaging is easy.


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