One Word— 2018

Last January, I wrote about a new tradition at my church to kick off 2017; the practice of picking One Word to live by for the year. The service was based on Paul’s letter to the Romans, where he implores early Christians in Rome to “not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” The idea is to choose a word that represents not who you are now, but who you aspire to be in the coming year.

Picking One Word is a shift in mindset; a focus on becoming who we want to be in the future, rather than dwelling on our failures of the past. Picking One Word means focusing on character; it is the answer to the question “Who do you want to become at the end of the year?” The service focused on choosing One Word to affect change in a spiritual sense, but really, the One Word can and should encompass all aspects of our lives— spiritual, emotional, physical, and professional.

In 2017, my One Word was Growth, as my focus last year was on growing in all aspects of my life— in my role as a husband, father and friend, in my ability to give back and serve others, physically as I built a stronger body, and in my business. In 2018, my word is Intentional. Whereas last year was about building, this year is about improvement. As I become busier, as my business grows and my personal and professional responsibilities increase, the need for process and plan becomes even greater. Being Intentional is about knowing what needs to be done, and having a plan to do it, whether it involves my client load for the week, or menus for family dinners for the week. It focuses on everything from refining my business processes to consistently showing up early, not just on time, for meetings (which, admittedly, has always been a struggle for me).

So what is your One Word for 2018? Where do you need to change, and how can that change manifest itself in a word? I encourage you to take some time to discern your One Word. Post it where you can see it every day; on your desktop at work, on the fridge, taped to your bathroom mirror (this year, mine is written on a flat stone on my desk, where it serves as both a paperweight and a reminder). Do your best to live into your One Word every day, and see where it takes you this year.

If you pick your One Word and then want to talk about how to live into it professionally, if you want someone to keep you accountable and establish the disciplines you need to become that person, let’s talk. Set up a conversation with me, and let’s get to work!


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