One Word

On New Year’s Day, I attended a wonderful worship service at Wayzata Community Church, my home church. The service, led by the amazing Rev. Rustin Comer, was based on verse 12 of Paul’s letter to the Romans. In it, Paul implores early Christians in Rome to “not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds.” He expresses the idea of transforming your outlook, your attitude, your mindset, by thinking about things differently. It is this idea, the concept of changing attitude by changing thought, that grabbed me.

On this particular Sunday, Rustin and co. expressed Paul’s idea through the concept of picking One Word to live by in 2017. Picking One Word allows us to make a shift, to focus on becoming who we want to be in the future, rather than dwelling on our failures of the past. Picking One Word makes us focus on our character; it is the answer to the question “Who do you want to become at the end of the year?” The service focused on choosing One Word to affect change in a spiritual sense, and that process can expand to encompass all aspects of our lives— spiritual, emotional, physical, and professional.

My One Word for the year is Growth, and it does, indeed encompass all aspects of my life. I want to grow in my role as a husband, father and friend. I want to grow in my ability to give back and serve others. I want to grow physically, as I work to build a stronger heart, lungs and muscles. And I want to grow my business— as I approach the one-year mark with my coaching practice, my focus shifts from learning to growing my client base, my income . . . and my impact on the world around me.

So what is your One Word for 2017? At the end of the year who do you want to be? I encourage you to take some time to discern your One Word. View it as a personal vision for 2017, boiled down to a single word. Post it where you can see it every day; on your desktop at work, on the fridge, taped to your bathroom mirror (mine is taped to a photo of my family on my desk). Do your best to live into your One Word every day, and see where it takes you this year.

If you pick your One Word and then want to talk about how to live into it professionally, if you want someone to keep you accountable and establish the disciplines you need to become that person, let’s talk. Set up a 20 minute coaching call with me, and let’s get to work!


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