Many Hands Make Light Work

Back in February, I attended the annual FocalPoint Conference. It was four days of passion, inspiration and ideas, all led by my fellow coaches from around the world. Nick Mariniello, a FocalPoint Coach out of New Jersey, outlined the vision for our organization’s growth plan in five key phrases:

  1. Think like a Big Company, act like a Small Business
  2. Expand the brand
  3. Packaging is key
  4. Many hands make light work
  5. Anything is possible, everything is not

This blog series looks at each phrase, and how they can positively impact your career and business….

Many Hands Make Light Work. We have a tendency to champion those who go it alone, the lone wolf, the last man standing. The mantra of “if you want something done right, you’ve gotta do it yourself” is far too often the mantra of business owners. You start a company, you build it into something of which you are proud, and it can be hard to let go, to give up control over, well, anything.

But here’s the thing about operating as a lone wolf….it is HARD. Rarely does shouldering all the responsibility and taking on all the necessary tasks result in business success. Very few people are equipped to handle everything involved in a successful operation, and those rare few that have the ability to do it all don’t have the time or bandwidth to get it all done.

Fill up a five-gallon bucket with water. Now try to pick it up with one finger. Even if you can do it, it hurts! When you pick up that same bucket with all five fingers on your hand, it is much easier. The weight is not any less than it was before; you have simply spread that weight around to all five fingers, reducing the strain on each individual digit and making the job easier. It is no different in business. It takes a strong team, people dedicated to the same goal, to run a successful operation. Many hands make light work is about spreading the workload, the burden and the responsibility around so that no one gets overloaded.

So how do you begin? How do you know what to do and what to send to someone else? It starts by determining what you do best, and what your most important activities are for your role. Focus on that. Spend your time on what you do best, and what generates the most ROI. Determine the hourly rate you are paid (or that you pay yourself), and spend your time only on the activities that are worth that rate. If you wouldn’t pay someone your rate to do a task, then you should not be doing it. Ultimately, it comes down to efficiency.

Everything else should be delegated to a teammate or employee, or outsourced to a contractor. We live in an on-demand, gig economy. There are companies and individuals that will handle your marketing, PR, finances, customer service, calendar, prospecting. You name the task, there is a third party ready and willing to take it off your plate….and do it better, faster and cheaper than you could do it yourself.

So do what you do best, and send the rest to someone else. Maximize your efficiency and your hourly rate. Embrace the gig economy, empower those on your team who are working to fulfill your mission, and use the many hands you have at your disposal to make light work.


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