Connection Matters

We’re deep into it now, friends. By my count, we are in week seven of quarantine in all of its wonderful forms— masks, gloves, social-distancing, e-learning, OD’ing on Purell, weird videos on Facebook of people pretending to do indoors all the things they love to do outdoors. . . . all of it. And it is having an effect on everyone. Some are simply stir crazy and experiencing a bit of cabin fever. Others are truly struggling as the isolation and lack of human contact takes its toll.

We are not meant to operate this way. Humans are a social species. We are not built for isolation. We are genetically built and biologically wired to operate in groups; to nurture families, build relationships, and form tribes in order to survive. . . . and thrive. Connection matters, maybe now more than ever, and we need to continue to make those connections and build those relationships in this current, virtual world.

I get it. I understand. I’m sick of Zoom calls as well. I long for the time when I can enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee with someone who is not my wife, son, or daughter. I miss handshakes, fist bumps, and awkward bro-hugs. But we can’t make that work right now, and because of that, our virtual interactions are the way to bridge that gap, maintain our existing connections, and build new ones.

The good news is, this virtual world offers opportunities to connect with more people than ever, across the globe, in an instant. What was at one time a fall-back measure or occasional meeting tool for some of us has become the go-to means of communication. Those long-lost relatives, former associates, and MIA buddies from high school and college are popping up on virtual happy hours. . . . and that fosters connection, boosts our serotonin and oxytocin, and keeps us healthy (and sane). This new brand of connection to new (or old) people is generating new ideas, new conversations, new ways of adapting and moving forward. It’s no secret; talking to someone who has a different perspective from you opens us up to new possibilities, giving us the opportunity to produce something new and good. This is the positive aspect, the silver lining, of our current world.

We are finding new ways of doing things that open up opportunities for other people to be involved. I’ve spoken and written about the Alzheimer’s Association, an organization that is deeply personal and important to me, numerous times. They have pivoted their approach to fundraising, including presenting their annual Purple Gala virtually on May 30th. Now, something that in the past was limited to those with the time and resources to purchase a ticket and attend the event is available to anyone with a computer and a wifi connection. For more information, and to register and learn about the silent and live auction items offered, visit the ALZ Purple Gala site, and support a fantastic cause.

Connection matters. Staying in touch with our people, and reaching out to new people, matters. Right now, there are people craving connection and needing interaction, and they are only a phone call or a Zoom link away. Reach out, set up a virtual coffee, grab a virtual beer, and make that connection. If you are one of those people who needs the connection, or you simply want to talk about how COVID-19 is affecting your business, your career, or your life, let’s talk. Click this link to set up a time on my calendar to have a conversation, and build a relationship. I would love to hear from you.

Stay safe, friends. I look forward to connecting.


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