14 Days of Goals

Almost all successful companies have one overriding similarity, regardless of size, time in existence, or industry; they have a well-defined goal for the business, and they have smaller goals aimed at achieving the larger one. These companies set goals on revenue, both top line and bottom line, on production levels, on staffing needs, and on best practices in all areas. They understand which divisions need to produce what outcomes, how much product they need to sell to hit the top line, what organizational, material and administrative efficiencies they need to develop to hit the bottom line, and how the various moving parts in the company need to to operate in order to attain, and exceed, the goal.

The same can be said for all of us, individually— success (a subjective term, defined differently by each one of us) is achieved by setting, and reaching, goals. The difference is, many of us do not have defined goals, or if we do, we may not have the plan on how to get there. Do you know your goals? Are they written down?

Recently I was on a conference call with a number of my fellow FocalPoint coaches on goal-setting and personal planning (yes, coaches need coaching too!), and one of our Action Items after the call was that we all take the 14-Day Goal Challenge. It’s a simple task, with a big impact; on day one, pull out a blank sheet of notebook paper and write down 5-7 goals you want to accomplish in the next 1-3 years. The next day, pull out a new sheet of paper and write them down again, while not looking at the previous day’s list. Consider all aspects of your life— your professional success, your personal life, your health, your financial independence. The goals may be big (make $XXX/year by 2018), or small (buy a new bike), tangible (lose 20 pounds) or intangible (volunteer at a local food shelf). By the end of 14 days, you will have written and rewritten those goals over and over, which will help to both refine and define them, and to lock them into your mind so you can take action on achieving them. In talking about our goals in the exercise, a favorite that I heard was actually volunteered by our facilitator: Have the down payment in the bank for when Elon Musk calls to tell him his Tesla Model S is ready. Not bad . . .

Chances are all those goals add up to one, big goal in your life. Once you have the goals written down, you can begin building the plan to achieve them, one at a time. Success happens by achieving goals. Goals stay relevant when they are written down. So get to work. Take the 14 Day Goal Challenge. Start today, and see where it takes you!


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